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CHY - Horizontal Hideaway Series

  • 200 - 1200 CFM
  • Low silhouette styling for drop-ceiling or over-closet applications
  • Standard with galvanized finish

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CPY - Horizontal Hideaway with Plenum Series

  • 200 - 1200 CFM
  • For mounting above ceilings in closets, hallways, or bathroom areas
  • For installations requiring return-air duct work or where the unit itself serves as a return-air plenum
  • Offered with a unit-mounted filter and filter-rack assembly
  • No field fabrication is required

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CBY - Horizontal Telescoping Hideaway Series

  • 200 - 1200 CFM
  • Fully recessed horizontal unit for over-ceiling applications
  • Telescoping frame and hinged panel adapts to any ceiling type and assures exact alignment of panel to ceiling
  • Hinged bottom panel for ready access to all internal components

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CXB - Horizontal Cabinet Series

  • 200 - 1200 CFM
  • For under-ceiling mounting in hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, offices or other commercial applications
  • Requires no duct work
  • Unit is finished in an attractive and durable powder-paint finish

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