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VEY - Hi-Performance Vertical Cased Series

  • 600 - 2000 CFM
  • For floor mounted, vertical, ducted applications
  • Normally installed behind partition walls or located in closets, utility rooms, or other concealed locations
  • Units have a removable front-access panel for complete access to coil and motor-blower sections
  • The top panel has a one-inch duct flange
  • Standard with a galvanized finish

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HLY - Hi-Performance Cabinet Series Low Static

  • 600 - 2000 CFM
  • Cabinet unit for exposed under-ceiling applications where high capacities are required without ducting
  • Supplied with integrated double-deflection discharge grille and a bar-type return-air grille with a throwaway filter
  • Standard cabinet with durable powder-paint finish

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HHY - Hi-Performance Hideaway Series

  • 600 - 2000 CFM
  • Designed to meet the many varied requirements for a ceiling hideaway installation where there is a ducted, high-static application
  • Standard with a galvanized finish

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HXY - Hi-Performance Horizontal Cased Series

  • 600 - 2000 CFM
  • For above or below the ceiling
  • For high-static ducted applications where high output is required
  • Standard units are of galvanized finish

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HPY - Hi-Performance Hideaway with Plenum Series

  • 600 - 2000 CFM
  • The same basic features of the HHY, plus a return-air plenum
  • Shipped complete, ready for installation with the plenum section in place
  • No field fabrication is required
  • Standard with a galvanized finish

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