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Building Information Model (BIM) improves building construction and project communications, making the projects more efficient for all concerned. By providing accurate, ready-made models of its fan coil units, IEC is helping to improve the speed and accuracy of building design, saving architects and engineers the time it would take them to create their own fan coil models to be incorporated into building designs. The process greatly enhances the ease and accuracy of designing mechanical systems for a wide array of commercial, industrial and government projects, whether simple or elaborate.
IEC is excited to offer this service to our customers and MEP Engineers utilizing Revit® software.

Click the links below to download the zip packages.

Family Model Description Revit
Modular Units Modular Hi-Rise Series MPY 10/27/2010
Mega Modular Hi-Rise Series MGY 01/27/2011
Universal Modular Hi-Rise Series MUY 10/27/2010
Modular Hi-Rise Cabinet Series MXY 10/27/2010
Vertical Units Vertical Hideaway Classic Series FHC 06/06/2013
Vertical Sloped Top Cabinet Classic Series FVC 06/06/2013
Vertical Cabinet Classic Series FXC 06/06/2013
Vertical Hideaway Series FHY 10/27/2010
Vertical Sloped Top Cabinet Series FSY 10/27/2010
Vertical Cabinet Series FXY 10/27/2010
Vertical Lowboy Hideaway Series LHA 10/27/2010
Vertical Lowboy Hideaway Series LHW 10/27/2010
Vertical Lowboy Cabinet Series LXA 10/27/2010
Vertical Lowboy Cabinet Series LXW 10/27/2010
Vertical Stud Cabinet STY 10/27/2010
Vertical Stud Extended Cabinet STW 10/27/2010
Horizontals Horizontal Hi-Static Hideaway Series BHY

2014-Not Available

Horizontal Hi-Static Hideaway with Plenum Series BPY

2014-Not Available

Horizontal Telescoping Series CBY


Horizontal Hideaway Series CHY 10/27/2010
Horizontal Hideaway with Plenum Series CPY 10/27/2010
Horizontal Cabinet Series CXB 10/27/2010
Hi-Performance Hi-Performance Hideaway Series HHY 10/27/2010
Hi-Performance Cabinet Series, Low Static HLY 10/27/2010
Hi-Performance Hideaway with Plenum Series HPY 10/27/2010
Hi-Performance Horizontal Cased Series, High Static HXY 10/27/2010
Hi-Perforamnce Vertical Cased Series VEY 10/27/2010
Belt Drives Belt Drive Horizontal Series HBD 01/18/2011
Belt Drive Vertical Series VBA 01/18/2011


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