Aftermarket Solutions


Maintain, restore, or replace? IEC has answers.
Do you have an aging facility, combined with limited budgets? Many building owners, faced with the same situation, address the same question relative to their HVAC system – do I replace, repair or refurbish?

At IEC, we understand these questions and have developed a range of aftermarket solutions that provide the best refurbishment and remodeling solutions for building owners and their HVAC contractors. Today’s leading building management teams know that in many cases restoring their existing fan coils, rather than replacing them, can result in significant cost savings, and much less downtime and disruption. Replacing an entire fan coil unit may involve drywall, surface finishing, fire-proofing, and cleanup expense. However, with refurbishment, just a few components can be replaced to upgrade the unit and its performance. With a focus on delivering the optimum renovation/remodeling solutions, IEC offers the following products:

IEC’s ReStoraMOD® modular hi-rise fan coil unit is designed for fast, minimally invasive installation, allowing for replacement of aging hi-rise fan coils without requiring.
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Eco-telligent® 2
IEC’s second generation of the Eco-telligent® motor series is a 42-frame, constant torque fan coil motor designed to provide the perfect balance of performance and energy savings. Ideal for replacements or restorations, the Eco-telligent® 2 is optimized for fan coil applications. This advanced unit maximizes blower wheel mechanical efficiency (due to constant torque) while lowering motor horsepower, which decreases the required electrical service and improves turndown. This next generation motor series is easily field-adjustable with a screw driver and voltmeter.
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Full Range of Replacement Parts
IEC offers a complete range of replacement parts available to support your maintenance requirements. From the simplest filter replacement to a motor blower upgrade or complete unit renovation, the experts at IEC stand ready to work with you.

Replacement parts are available from your local IEC representative.  To find your local representative, you can use our Rep Locator  or call 405-605-5000 or email the IEC Aftermarket Solutions team at