Case Study – Touraine

IEC Makes History at the Touraine Apartments
in Philadelphia.

Designed as an elegant residential hotel in 1917 by renowned architect Frederick Weber, the Touraine apartments had become one of Philadelphia’s premier historic buildings.

To help uphold this reputation, and to ensure the surroundings and environment remained as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible for the residents, building management knew that a renovation was imminent.  As part of this renovation, the fan coil units needed to be replaced.

There were two major reasons for replacing the fan coil units: first, the existing fan coil units had been installed 30 years prior, and had reached the end of their useful life. And second, these units had 3-way valves. This means that they were unnecessarily heating and/or cooling all of the water in the system, which proves highly inefficient.

The challenge?  All but one of the apartment units was occupied. This meant that the project – deliveries, contractors, schedules — needed to be tightly and efficiently managed. To help ensure tenants weren’t displaced or their lives unduly disrupted, the fan coil replacement project had to be conducted quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of disruption to Touraine residents.

By using IEC’s ReStoraMOD™ modular hi-rise fan coil units for this application, Touraine management could help ensure the project could be completed within just a day or two as opposed to the typical two or three weeks.  This helped to ensure maximum efficiency, and minimum disruption to the daily lives of those living at Touraine.

In addition, using ReStoraMOD meant that the contractors were able to use existing fan coil cabinets in each apartment. They could simply remove the coil, fan, and electrical control box before sliding in the new unit.  Designed specifically to be simple and safe to use, ReStoraMOD offers the fastest installation among all modular hi-rise units in the industry. Its intelligent design allows for a hi-rise unit to be isolated and replaced without affecting units in neighboring spaces. No excess carpentry work, taping, or spackling was required.

The fan coil upgrade project was part of Touraine’s sustainability focus, and IEC fits this requirement in many ways. Ultimately, the decision to use IEC’s ReStoraMOD was about cost and time efficiency, aesthetics, and most of all, increasing the quality of life for Touraine residents.

Touraine Apartments Renovation Case Study