Change is Good

MIY_Cab_2The fan coil is designed for fast, easy, minimally invasive installations, often in as little as one day or less. Its intelligent design allows for a unit to be isolated and replaced without affecting units in neighboring spaces.

The ‘s  innovative wall panel covers the rough opening, eliminating the need for finish work.

Easy to install. Easy to operate. Easy to service.

 makes fan coil replacement easy.


  • Replaces many existing hi-rise fan coils with smaller footprints with the latest in energy savings and IAQ features, including standard ECM, closed cell insulation, and more
  • Does not require closing down the entire floor
  • Uses existing materials-minimizing waste
  • Minimizes disturbances to surrounding wall and finishes
  • Minimizes the number of trades that need to be involved to complete the renovation
  • Minimizes downtime with the fastest hi-rise replacement in the industry

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