Providing Guest Comfort and Enhancing the Experience.

For hotels and casinos, guest comfort and brand experience is paramount. Contributing to these outcomes is the operation of the facilities’ HVAC systems, including such critical parameters as guest comfort, product reliability, and cost efficiency.  For decades, IEC has brought this commitment to the industry, delivering consistently high standards of performance in all aspects of fan coil design, operation, service, and support.

IEC offers a wide array of fan coil products designed to fulfill these goals, providing highly flexible solutions that can be customized to fit highly specific requirements.  In addition, IEC continues to raise that bar in fan coil design, offering an advanced line of products that deliver the optimum in energy savings and IEQ features. An example of the company’s drive to create superior fan coil products is seen in the RestoraMod™ line, which is specifically designed to minimize the downtime and disruption that is normally associated with HVAC renovation and replacement.

Application-focused design, quick, easy installation, ease of maintenance, and reliable performance are the hallmarks of IEC products. And for this industry, the characteristics are focused on helping hospitality providers do what they do best: provide guests the ultimate in comfort and contribute to an overall satisfying guest experience.