Maximizing Comfort and Space in Residential Towers.

For high-rise residential towers and other multi-family facilities, architectural and space challenges are key considerations when choosing an HVAC system, along with overall comfort, energy efficiency, and low sound levels. Often, flexibility is a necessity when locating the mechanical equipment during the construction phase, as well as the need to be able to maximize sellable floor space.  In addition to flexibility, aesthetics and installed cost are key drivers of which fan coil product to ultimately choose.

To that end, IEC offers the flexibility and reliability for new multi-family construction projects. Low cost of operation and ease of maintenance are built in, while proper air flow is facilitated and performance of each fan coil unit is enhanced through IEC’s advanced technology and streamlined design.  In addition, IEC offers some of the quietest systems available in the industry, impacting overall IEQ (Internal Environmental Quality).

Even with floor plan changes down the road, IEC can accommodate any multi-family unit project beautifully. IEC systems can be configured to match the specialized requirements of renovations and retrofit projects by delivering flexible design options and minimal piping penetrations.