Office Environments

officeIEC is able to apply our industry-leading expertise to the specialized air management requirements of office environments. We have the ability to adapt our products and systems to deliver the ideal solution to your specific challenges. In addition to the most comprehensive standard product offering available, IEC can work with you to tailor the products that offer you the best combination of performance, efficiency and low cost. For building developers, owners and managers, this flexibility and product choice is critical, whether it’s new construction or retrofit.

It’s well documented that improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of a building will contribute to improved health, increased productivity and well being. Precise occupant comfort and enhanced indoor air quality can be controlled with IEC optional split coil design. Conditioned air is mixed with return air to obtain the desired comfort level.

This level of comfort and efficiency are common denominators that define a building’s long-term success. Providing precise and efficient comfort are just part of a day’s work at IEC. With the energy climate growing more uncertain every day, it’s good to know that hydronic fan coils remain one of the most efficient operating systems on the market. Technologically advanced IEC fan coil products are able to maximize the efficiency of fan coil designs.

In addition, recise space control, acoustics, aesthetics, and space constraints are issues that IEC is qualified to tackle. Regardless of the size of the space, or the project, IEC is positioned to deliver the best fan coil solution.