Improve IAQ with a New “Classic”

June 2013–IEC is pleased to introduce the new Vertical “Classic” series line of fan coils. The “Classic” series includes all the flexibility and customization you have come to expect from an IEC product, while adding other key features that improve IAQ, enhance performance, and reduce maintenance time.

Standing water can be a potential health problem due to the risk of mold and mildew growth. The new Vertical “Classic” series fan coil line virtually eliminates the potential for standing water thanks to our condensate removal system. The condensate removal system includes a sloped condensate trough that empties into a positively sloped, adjustable drain pan to carry off any condensation. The condensate trough is also available with an antimicrobial coating designed to suppress microbe growth, prevent odor, and inhibit corrosion.

Another IAQ improvement option offered with the new Vertical “Classic” series is the MERV 13 filter upgrade. Standard disposal filters are usually up to 20% efficient under normal operating conditions. MERV 13 filters, however, can reach anywhere from 80 – 85% efficiency under similar conditions. MERV 13 filters will trap and retain smaller particles and improve the indoor air quality.

Many of the other outstanding features included in the new Vertical “Classic” series lend themselves to such benefits as energy savings, lower cost of maintenance, and flexibility of design such as:

  • An Eco-telligent ECM motor option with an efficiency range of 65 – 85% compared to the efficiency range of 30 – 40% on a standard PSC motor.
  • High performance hydronic coils that average 26% percent greater capacity than the previous Vertical series coils.
  • Filter replacements require no tools, so changing them out is literally a “snap”.
  • Highly customizable cabinetry allows for flexible footprints making the “Classic” series a great fit for new construction or renovation.
  • The new 24V control board makes control installation fast and easy.

In short, the new Vertical series fan coils from IEC offer the proven performance you expect from an IEC product, while offering exciting new features that truly make it a new “Classic”

More information on the new Vertical “Classic” series can be found in the technical catalog here on our website or by contacting your local IEC representative.