Eco-Telligent® Motors

IEC’s second version of the Eco-telligent® motor series, Eco-telligent® 2, is a 42-frame, constant-torque fan coil motor developed to provide the perfect balance of performance and energy savings. Eco-telligent® 2 retains the simplified commissioning process provided by the original Eco-telligent® motor, but with a lower full load ampacity and higher turndown.


  • Available in all direct drive fan coils
  • Available in 120,208, 240, & 277 voltages
  • Contains a reduced size integrated control module
  • Factory ISO 9001 certified
  • Provides sound enhancements
  • Programmable features
  • Green / LEED


  • Optimized for fan coils to avoid turndown and efficiency reduction
  • Constant torque provides the lowest wattage per CFM by maximizing blower wheel mechanical efficiency – well suited for fan coil applications
  • Lower motor horsepower can decrease the required electrical service and improve turndown
  • 42-frame size and integral control module streamline unit design and improve serviceability
  • Motor programming unique to IEC optimizes efficiency and performance


Eco-Telligent® Motors