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BHY Horizontal Hi-Static Hideaway Series

BHY Horizontal Hi-Static Hideaway Series
The Horizontal Hi-Static Hideaway Series (BHY) is ideally suited for above-ceiling applications with space limitations. The BHY unit is furnished with larger diameter wheels to achieve higher static pressure ductwork applications.


  • 400-1000 CFM
  • Units are installed above the ceiling with ducted supply air and open “soffit” return air by way of an optional filter-grille mounted in the ceiling
  • Available with or without plenums, making them ideal for architecture that demands the units be concealed
  • Optional unit mounted controls, service switches and fusing minimizes the electrical work required on site
  • Provided with a galvanized finish


  • Design flexibility — easy-to-use ratings program speeds up project design
  • Ease of installation — factory assembled valve packages minimize piping work at the job site
  • Quality and safety — every unit is tested and inspected at the factory for trouble free start-up
  • Ease of service — all components are accessible by simply removing the access panel


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BHY Horizontal Hi-Static Hideaway Series