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LXF SureFlow® Vertical Lowboy Cabinet

The key component of a SureFlow® system is a custom designed fan coil with an integrated low watt circulator, which delivers the water flow through the coil and back to a primary loop. This allows the individual fan coils to be hydraulically isolated from one another and be decoupled from the distribution primary loop. This satisfies the comfort requirements of a cooling-only system with one pipe instead of two and for a cooling and heating system with two pipes instead of four, greatly reducing the horsepower demand for increased energy savings.


  • 200-600 CFM
  • Low profile for under-window applications
  • Durable cabinet of heavy gauge steel and powder coat finish
  • Removable one-piece, front-access panel


  • Fast and easy system design — SureFlow® design software simplifies and automates the selection and rating of equipment in your project
  • Saves money — SureFlow® systems provide 4-pipe performance with 2 installed pipes or 2-pipe performance with 1 installed pipe, which reduces piping and labor cost by up to 40 percent
  • Fewer moving parts — zone controls, as well as water balancing valves and test ports are eliminated, thereby reducing the owner’s cost of maintenance

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LXF SureFlow<sup>®</sup> Vertical Lowboy Cabinet