Prevost Memorial Hospital, Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Prevost Memorial Hospital is a small town healthcare facility serving Donaldsonville, Louisiana and surrounding rural areas in Ascension Parish. The facility offers emergency services, laboratory and outpatient testing services, acute medical care including obstetrics, and nutritional and social services. Like all healthcare providers, Prevost Hospital must keep expenses to a minimum. The complexity of the existing belt-driven multi-zone air handling units (AHU) in the hospital’s business offices made it impossible for the maintenance staff to care for and adjust the AHUs, necessitating costly professional service calls. As part of an energy efficiency initiative at the hospital, the existing AHUs in the business offices were replaced with IEC VEY Hi-Performance Series Fan Coil units. The VEY units are highly energy efficient, keep office staff comfortable and are able to be serviced by the hospital’s own personnel, resulting in greater HR efficiency as well.

Cost Effective Now and Later
Castagnos-Goodwin specified IEC VEY Hi-Performance Series Fan Coil units for the hospital business offices using the existing ductwork from the previously installed air handling units. A dedicated fresh air unit feeds outside air to each fan coil. By better targeting outside air and introducing it more effectively to the highly efficient VEY units, the hospital’s boiler requirements decreased by half, saving energy and lowering utility costs. Due to the simplicity of the fan coil system design, the hospital also saves money by using its own staff to service the fan coils. Finally, the hospital can anticipate lower replacement costs on the fan coil units than it would have experienced with air handling units.

Problem: Existing multi-zone air handling units were too complex to be serviced by hospital staff.

Solution: The air handlers were replaced with IEC VEY Hi-Performance Fan Coil Units, which provide the same level of comfort but can be serviced by hospital personnel.

Problem: Prevost Hospital needed to minimize energy costs to operate within its budget.

Solution: IEC VEY Hi-Performance Fan Coil Units are highly efficient. This efficiency, combined with better targeting of outside air to those portions of the facility that require it, decreased the hospital’s boiler requirements by half by effectively creating a zoned system using simple-to-maintain fan coil units.

Problem: Hospital spaces require outside air but must also meet IAQ standards for healthcare settings.

Solution: Castagnos-Goodwin specified a dedicated fresh air unit to feed the fan coils and also an antimicrobial insulation for each VEY unit to maintain air quality inside the facility.

Installation Specifics
The VEY Hi-Performance Series Fan Coil units were installed with maintenance clearance all around them so that hospital personnel could easily access the cabinets to change filter material or perform other service. Each VEY unit is controlled by its own thermostat, essentially making the business offices a multi-zone space. Individual hospital employees can regulate conditions in their immediate area, creating greater employee satisfaction.

Castagnos-Goodwin Senior Mechanical Engineer Robert Utley used IEC’s “Ratings” software to calculate loads and select the fan coil units that would perform best at Prevost Memorial Hospital.

“I utilize IEC’s software extensively. It makes for easy product selection, and you can even work up schedules for the units. I highly recommend it.” 

—Robert Utley, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Castagnos-Goodwin