Twelve Hotel and Residences, Atlanta, Georgia

Twelve Hotel and Residences is a 26-story, mixed-use high-rise containing 481 units 
located in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood called Atlantic Station®.

On the lower six floors, the Twelve Hotel and Residences includes 101 one- and two-bedroom suite style hotel rooms that average 750 square feet. Each suite offers the casual comforts of home, like a full-size kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances or a living room area and private balcony in a suite design unique to Twelve Hotel and Residences. On the upper floors, the 380 condominiums mirror the amenities and services of the hotel along with 14 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom floor plans that range from 690 to 2108 square feet. Such a myriad of distinctive floor plans challenged Mobley Sales to provide an HVAC installation that saved space and offered cost savings to the end user.

IEC’s specially designed Vertical Hi-Rise Fan coil unit with connecting risers was developed for multi-floor building applications. Over 500 units were designed with a 55” high external cabinet and a high static motor. Each unit was strapped and mounted to the wall above the hot water tank inside an easily accessible closet. The units were connected to the building riser system using flexible hose kits. The controls, fan and valve package were readily accessible inside the cabinet. The compact installation saved construction material costs and offered more floor space to each room.

For more information about IEC’s custom units, please contact your Field Sales Manager or the IEC Applications department.

Project History
Atlantic Station is one of the nation’s largest urban brownfield redevelopment projects and provides housing for 10,000 people, employment opportunities for 30,000, and entertainment and shopping for tens of thousands more. Originally home to the century-old Atlantic Steel Mill, the property will include more than 12 million-square-feet of vertical development upon completion.

A smart growth project, the cleanup of a brownfield and closure of an RCRA disposal facility reduced negative air quality impacts with 34 percent fewer VMTs, created a 45 percent reduction of emissions from natural gas combustion, advanced storm water and erosion management, and recycled 150,000 cubic yards of construction debris.

An environmentally friendly central chilled water plant on site saved building owners more than $35 million in construction costs. The plant operated more than 40 percent more efficiently than traditional building HVAC systems, resulting in lower energy bills for tenants. A two-mile long network of pipes delivers 500,000 gallons of chilled water from the central cooling plant for the 140-acre development.